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Motherless Daughters

My mom died when I was 10, and it certainly affected my life. I was pretty much in charge of the household after that – cooking, cleaning, taking care of my little sister – while my father worked very hard to take care of us. (He would drop us off at our school teacher’s house in the morning, and pick us up after work in the afternoon… we went to a one-room school in western Maine, so had the same teacher!)

I suspect this early experience led not only to my intense need to take care of people (not so much in a warm & fuzzy way, but in a constantly alert and looking out for them kind of way), and to be an achiever… but also, I have to wonder… to be an entrepreneur.

When the book “Motherless Daughters” came out, I bought it – and found I couldn’t read it because of the feelings it dredged up. (I’m still unable to read it.)

Is there anyone out there who has read it? Any other motherless daughters who might weigh in on whether there’s a correlation between death of a mother at an early age and entrepreneurship?


It’s the Looks, Stupid… Not the Skills

Yup.  Here we go again.

Why is it some journalists have a need to describe the physical attributes of a woman they’re quoting, but not those of a man – even when they’re in the same article? 

Maybe we should expect it from men’s magazines.  Or even certain newspapers.  But in O, The Oprah Magazine?

Here are the quotes, found on MSN Relationships today, taken from the article “How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It”.

“The number one myth about relationships is that talking helps. The truth is, more often than not, it makes things worse,” says Love, a tall, lean redhead with a down-home Texas twang and a generous smile. She is cofounder of the Austin Family Institute, and leads workshops around the country when she isn’t making television appearances or cowriting books, including the best-selling Hot Monogamy.

“Talking about feelings, which is soothing to women, makes men physically uncomfortable,” says Stosny, the Maryland-based author of You Don’t Have to Take It Anymore and an expert on male aggression. “There’s literally more blood flow to their muscles. They get fidgety, and women think they’re not listening.”

Barbara Graham, the author of the article, lost her credibility with me with those descriptions.  Patricia Love, an experienced professional, is first described by her looks (although Graham is careful not to comment on whether or not Love is attractive).  Her skills and accomplishments seem almost secondary.  On the other hand, Steven Stosny, Love’s research partner, is described entirely by his qualifications.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, have worked for years in the mental health system, and have studied male/female gender differences & communcation styles extensively… and my reasonably learned opinion is that the article – and the theory it describes – is otherwise pretty good.   

It’s too bad Barbara Graham felt a need to put a gratuitous physical description of Patricia Love in her write-up.  I guess now I remember one reason why I stopped reading O, TOM several years ago.

Linda Snyder, M.S.

What Makes You a Goddess Entrepreneur?

Okay, I’ll go first.

What makes me a Goddess Entrepreneur? I would say it’s the combination of how seriously I tackle my business; my intense respect and love for the land (and especially trees) and animals; my belief that we’re all intimately connected (even if we don’t often feel it); and my passion for my husband and daughter, first and foremost… and for my friends and family as well.

A Goddess loves the raging wind and dancing bonfires; she sighs over smooth stones in her hands and the smell of real roses while the thorns are sticking into her skin.   She buries her hands in the dirt, breathes deeply through her nose in a baby’s hair, lays her cheek against a puppy’s fur… and teases her lover with her eyes.

A Goddess thanks the flowers she picks for her bouquets, carries a wayward firefly back outside, and cries over dead things.

A Goddess Entrepreneur knows we must all work together, love together, and be together… and if we do, all will be well.